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How We Work

Getting Started

Step 1

Use the Contact form to schedule a free 20-minute introductory consultation.  


Step 2

In our introductory call, we get to know each other.  We briefly discuss your needs and how I can help.  If the fit seems right, you choose the service that meets your goals.  

Step 3

Our next step is to gather all the relevant documentation for your student - including transcripts, educational testing, interest surveys and standardized tests - so I can review them before our working session.

Step 4

We Get to Work!

In our working session we dive in and start planning a successful and customized strategy for your student.

As the Principal of Markman Educational Consulting, I work personally with all of my clients.  I attend all discussions with students and their families, administer  aptitudes & interest assessments, and lead college list building and essay review to ensure each student’s unique profile informs all aspects of the college search and application process.


I meet with all my clients virtually by video conference, providing flexibility and convenience. To ensure that the process moves smoothly, after each meeting I send a follow-up email to both students and their parents outlining follow-up tasks and action items.

I am supported by a small team that is as committed to your child's success as I am.

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