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College List Builder

11th - 12th grades

The College List Builder package includes:

  • Thorough review of academic history & extra-curricular activities

  • Brief aptitudes and interests Inventory

  • College list development

The College List Builder is ideal for families and students who plan to manage their own application process but want help building a balanced list of schools that align with their goals.  My process begins with a thorough review of a student’s academic history – including transcripts, school reports, and test results – and of student’s authentic interests as demonstrated through their extra-curricular activities.  Students and their parents fill out questionnaires to explore their goals and priorities for the college search, and students take a short aptitude and interests inventory.  I synthesize all this input to create a multi-dimensional student profile.  I then draw upon my deep knowledge of U.S. colleges to build a balanced list of schools that match this profile.  Every student is unique; every college list is too.

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