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Comprehensive College Application

10th or 11th grade - 12th grade completion

The Comprehensive College Application package includes:

  • College application strategy

  • Project management and oversight

  • Thorough review of academic history

  • Brief aptitudes and interests inventory

  • Guidance on high school class selection

  • Guidance on standardized test strategy

  • Guidance on developing authentic interests through extracurricular and summer activities

  • Overview of merit and financial aid landscape

  • College list development

  • Main essay development support, review and editing

  • Supplemental essays development support, review and editing

  • Preparation of activity list and college resume

  • Letters of recommendation strategy

  • Interview preparation

  • Final application review prior to submission

The most popular package is the Comprehensive College Application package which begins in 10th or early 11th grade and continues until college applications are submitted and admission decisions received.  This approach provides the greatest opportunity to plan, consult and strategize students’ high school academic, standardized testing and extra-curricular choices.  It also gives students the time to explore a range of potential college options as their goals for college take shape.


The Comprehensive College Application package begins with a thorough review of a student's academic history, including transcripts, school reports, and test results.  Students and their parents fill out questionnaires to explore their goals and priorities for the college search, and students take a brief aptitudes & interests inventory. We meet to discuss the student’s progress to date, and goals and interests that have emerged through the questionnaires and assessment.  Then we chart a plan for high school course selection, testing and extra-curricular engagement.


As students move through 11th grade, I continue to monitor their progress and goals, and adjust their plans as appropriate.  In the summer before senior year, the work focus shifts to implementation.  It’s application time!  In partnership with families, I finalize the college list and application plan, and support students as they complete all elements of their applications.  I focus on making sure all applications are completed in a timely way, and reflect students’ best possible work.

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